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It is a common misconception that we have a portfolio of vacation packages to sell our clients. While we sometimes do hold group space with some hotels and cruise lines that are open for booking to our clientele in general, Bella Rose Travel is not a tour operator. We are an independent agency much like your insurance agent. We collect important information from you regarding your travel needs and use that information to match you with our preferred suppliers who match your needs. You are free to choose the supplier you like best, comfortable in the knowledge that you will not end up in a sketchy situation.


Popular Experiences

Cruise Ship Clip Art

Ocean and river cruises are a great choice for your family or group. Many comment to us that they would never go on a cruise for various reasons - too many people, not enough time in port, don't want to be bored or stuck on the ship. As the addage goes, there is a ship out there for everyone; and there truly is. Most think of cruising as the large party ships in those Carnival and Royal Caribbean commercials. While they do exist, there are also quieter ships for a more laid-back experience; adult-only ships for those who want to escape the kids; expedition ships for those who want more immersive, small ship adventures; and much more.

Hotels/Custom Itineraries

Nothing exemplifeis the quintessential family or friend trip than a road trip, or maybe you just want to get away for the weekend. Whether you are visiting one destination or traveling across the country (any country), we will work with you to design the perfect itinerary, book all your hotels, arrange all your tours, and reserve your rental car.


We work several day and multiday tour suppliers to ensure you get to see everything on your bucket list once you get to your destination.

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Who doesn't want to simply unpack and unplug every once in a while? An all-inclusive resort is an easy, stress-free vacation option for everyone. There are resorts that cater to all needs - family, adults only, party, eco, and most special diets.

theme park
Theme Parks

Take the grandkids to Disney, the friends to Halloween Horror Nights, or get up close and personal to the critters at SeaWorld or Busch Gardens. We got you covered.


Preferred Supplier List

Air Travel*

Due to the recent trend of delays, cancellations, and extremely long telephone hold times; the U.S. Department of Transportation recently enacted new rules designed to enhance consumer rights in these situations by entitling the affected traveler to a refund. Because the DOT included travel agencies alongside airlines as responsible parties for these refunds, we are no longer able to book air for our clients. While we firmly believe these new rights are net positive for travelers, we also firmly believe it is short-sighted at best to include travel agencies in this rule. Agencies like ours do not hold or otherwise "touch" our clients' money. We are intermediaries who merely assist in transferring the money from our clients to our suppliers, such as airlines. Therefore, it is not feasible for us to accept the liability of refunds to our clients for a service for which we have no control - both with respect to quality and to finances - and maintain a solvent business. 

In order to continue to serve our clients air travel needs, we will gladly assist with identifying appropriate flights for your trip and provide you with a link to complete the booking process on your own. If you have questions during booking, we remain at your service to answer those questions as best as we can or point you to the correct person to assist. However, we regret that we will no longer be able to purchase those flights for you.

Preferred v. Non-preferred Suppliers

When working with a travel advisor you will hear the term “supplier” used frequently and you may be wondering what that is. As the name suggests, a “supplier” is a business that supplies your travel advisor with the products and services you are requesting. They can be direct such as the hotel, resort or cruise line with whom you are traveling (think Hilton, Sandals, or Royal Caribbean), they can be tour operators (TOs) that provide packages like resort and air or guided tour and air combinations (almost always given one price and not itemized due to contract requirements), or the can be destination marketing companies (DMCs) that are in-destination experts who put together a recommended itinerary based on their in-depth knowledge that may include hotels, tours, and transfers.

OK, so now that you know what a supplier is you might be wondering what makes one “preferred.” A preferred supplier is one with whom we have a solid professional working relationship, either directly with the agency or through our consortia (network of agencies working together to increase our buying power with suppliers). Preferred suppliers are vetted. They have usually been around for a while and are in less danger of going out of business and leaving the traveler without services. They are also committed to customer service and have a representative from their company assigned to our agency and/or consortia to assist with resolving issues and improving service so while it’s impossible to guarantee that your trip will go off without any hitches, the chances are a lot slimmer when you use a preferred supplier. Will we still book you with a not preferred supplier? Sure, if the client insists for whatever reason (prior experience with them, pricing, etc.) but because we do not have a relationship with these suppliers, there is relatively little we can do for you if an issue arises and we cannot vouch for the quality or reliability, so buyer beware.