Our Expertise

We have more than 34 years of combined experience in project management, customer service and travel and hospitality. That experience is coupled with our ongoing industry training and our practical experience. Learning is part of our job, not a distraction from it. Every year we add to our list of certifications from our trusted suppliers. When a client asks us to work with a supplier we don’t know well, we immediately work on educating ourselves about them and, if available, obtaining their certification. Likewise, visiting the locations you want to visit, sailing the cruise lines you want to sail, and taking the tours you want to take is the best way to be able to advise our clients on the perfect vacation. That’s why we try to take a few trips every year and we hope our clients understand when we’re not available.

The Team

Corey Determan

I grew up in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota where most of my family vacations consisted of camping trips or visiting relatives in nearby states. I was 14 before I even flew on a plane and 22 before I left the country for the first time. I went to the University of Minnesota and obtained a BA in Environmental Studies. I focused my studies on sustainable development issues and spent a year studying abroad in Australia. That’s when the travel bug bit me. I took advantage of my time over there to see a good portion of Australia, New Zealand and Fiji before coming back to the U.S. and continuing my travels on this side of the world, mostly in Latin America but also throughout the U.S. I also obtain an MS in Environmental Education, doing research on responsible, immersive tourism which sparked a new passion that I was able to put to work while serving in the Peace Corps, working on ecotourism projects.

Leticia Herrera

I grew up in a small mountain town outside of Pachuca, Mexico. My parents were entrepreneurs, always trying their hand at various businesses so I grew up helping out. When I went to university, I knew I wanted to study business so that I could help my parents take theirs to the next level. During my studies, I got the opportunity to work alongside many of the rural communities living in a popular tourism zone. That’s when I saw the impact – both good and bad – tourism can have local people. After college I traveled around Central America before moving to the U.S. Since living here, I’ve had the good fortune to explore this country, the Caribbean and Europe. I love working with my fellow Latinos with a passion to explore the world as well. I also hold an MBA in Finance and manage the business’ financial operations.

Want to work with us?

We are not currently hiring associates. This space will be updated when we are. In the meantime, there a still a couple of ways you can work with us even if you cannot work for us…

Pied Pipers: We are always looking for social leaders who can be “Pied Pippers” and put together traveling groups. We cannot offer compensation, but there are opportunities to earn reduced travel if minimum passenger booking quotas are met. If you belong to a social club, service organization, church group, Meetup or other organization that likes to travel, either domestically or internationally, then this a great chance to put your connections to work and earn travel discounts. Contact us to discuss.

Business 2 Business: Are you a leader in your organization looking for a way to add value for your members, reward your employees, or attract new customers? We can work with you to create incentive and reward programs, cost-share at marketing/sales events, host lunch-and-learns – the possibilities are limitless. Give us a call to discuss how we can collaborate.

Tour Operators or Destination Managers: The success of our business depends on having a large network of high quality suppliers to connect with our clientele. If you run a tour or manage a property and would like us to consider sending your clients your way, please reach out to us to discuss vetting details.

Giving back to our community

We were raised to believe your success is a gift and the best way to say thank you for it is by paying it forward. That’s why we remain active in local community service organizations through both financial support and volunteering. We also believe that to be a traveler is to be a guest in someone else’s home, often borrowing their valued natural and cultural resources. Our parents taught us to leave a place better than when you arrived and to treat something borrowed as though it were your own. It’s important to us that we live by these principles when we travel too so we purchase carbon-offsets, support local small businesses, avoid tourist attractions that exploit people and animals, and never participate in tours that take from or can damage the destination’s resources. We also choose to spend our travel dollars on those suppliers who share our belief in giving back to the people and environments where they operate. We ask that you consider doing the same.

Are you a part of a nonprofit? We are always looking for more ways to support our community. If your nonprofit organization is recruiting sponsors, volunteers, and/or donations we may be able to help. Please contact us in writing with your request with at last 90 days advance notice. As a small business, our support funds are limited so the earlier in the year that you can make your request, the more likely we’d be able to help, but we consider requests year-round as long as we have the resources to share.