CLIA Proposes Health & Safety Protocols for COVID-Cruising…

Recently, the regulatory body for the global cruise lines proposed a plan to the CDC to resume sailing. The plan is to start cruising again under a phased and highly controlled approach. These recommendations are not final or otherwise approved, but they should, nonetheless, give you an idea of what to expect when cruising in the near future. Of course, we will post updates and revisions as they are released.

Proposed protocls include:

-Tesing 100% of passengers and crew before embarkation.

-Mandatory masks for passengers and crew both onboard and during excursions, whenever physical distancing is not possible.

-Maintaining physcial distancing in terminals, onboard ships and on private islands.

-Improved ventilation to increase fresh air onboard ships and implementing enhanced filtration to mitigate risk.

-Ship-specific response plans.

-Dedicated isolation cabins.

-Arrangements with shoreside facilities for quarantining and medical treatment.

-Passengers only allowed to leave ship while on a cruise-line excursion and while abiding by excursions’ protocols with strict enforcement for noncompliance, including denial of re-boarding.