Of all vacations, cruising gives you the most bang for your buck. With one price you get lodging, food and entertainment! In some cases you can even get beverages included. Even if you think cruising is not for you, it may be that you just haven’t found the right ship. Some brands cater to the wilder crowd, some to the quieter. Some provide activities for every age group in the family, others focus on refined tastes and personal attention. There are even smaller, expedition cruise lines for the adventurous types. We work with every major ocean and river cruise company currently sailing.

Custom Itineraries

We get it. No two travelers are the same and the idea of following someone else’s schedule or itinerary does not sound like your thing. If you prefer to blaze your own trail we work with a network of hotels, rental cars, day tour and pass providers, theme parks and airline consolidators to help build the vacation package that’s perfect for you.


If sun-kissed sand, cabanas, and poolside bars describe your ideal vacation, then a resort is just what you need. Though a bit pricier than cruising, they can still provide a good value for those who want the comforts of a hotel or condo and the freedom to get out and explore – or the freedom not to! Resorts come in all forms from self-catered, condo resorts to the ubiquitous all-inclusive. They can also be found on just about every continent and many islands in the Caribbean and South Pacific.


Tours are great for solo travelers seeking safety in numbers, families who need a full schedule to keep the kids busy, and social/affinity groups who want to build camaraderie over shared experiences. Tours come in various sizes and activity levels, from small groups and very active, to large groups and more relaxed. They can be built around themes like food and wine, your favorite TV show, or any other shared interest.